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You could say that I took the long way around to becoming a writer. I’ve been an attorney licensed to practice in the state of New York for the past eleven years. Although I always had a burning desire to write a novel, I never had the time to do it. As fate would have it, two years ago, I completely rearranged my life, in order to pursue a career in writing full-time. I still practice a little bit of law on the side.

Currently I’m working diligently to complete my first contemporary romance novel set on a ranch in a small west Texas town. I’m a member of the Romance Writers of America, and the Capital Region chapter of Romance Writers of America, located in upstate NY where I live.

I started using my writing ability through my work as a member of the NYS Bar Association’s Committee on Animals and the Law, five years ago. As a member of the Legislative Subcommittee, I’ve written numerous memorandums of law in support or opposition to pending bills related to animals. As Chair of the Publications Subcommittee, I’ve really been able to expand my writing skills. Not only did I edit the most recent update to the Animal Law in New York State, in the New York State LEGALease pamphlet program. But I was also a contributing author, and the editor of the Committee’s bi-annual e-newsletter Laws & Paws. The website is located at

When I’m not writing on behalf of animals, or working on my novel, I work part-time for Jey Associates, a high energy Marketing & Public Relations firm located in Los Angeles, California. I’m a senior staff writer responsible for writing press releases for events that our celebrity clients attend. The website is Check out some of our famous clients. It’s fun living vicariously through them as they mingle at charity functions and red carpet events.

Combining my passion for writing and my knowledge of the law, I author a blog dealing with legal issues for writers called the ‘Writer’s Court’ located at

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