I’m a mother to three wonderful “quadra-peds” of the feline variety, who are the true joys of my life. My oldest daughter Tigger, is thirteen years old and an American Shorthair; next is my daughter Calie who is twelve years old and is a Norwegian Forest Cat; and finally there is my baby boy Riley who is almost nine years old and a fully blooded Persian. Actually he is what is known as a ‘peke-faced’ persian because he has the ‘shoved in nose’.

Because of my angels, I’ve become a staunch animal activist and animal lover. This blog is not only a celebration of my children’s lives, but it is also meant to be a place to provide a ‘Voice’ for ALL animals everywhere. An animal is born innocent as any other newborn baby. It is the parents or so-called owners who make them mean through abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

It is my hope for this blog to raise the awareness of the plight of animals and what can and should be done for them. They have no voice, so we have to be it for them.

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