Posted by: animalvoice | December 28, 2009

Holiday Greetings

     It has been a while since I’ve done a joyful happy blog about my children, so I’ve decided to do one now. These are some Christmas memories of my three cats growing up.

     Each year my husband and I get a real live tree and decorate it. The kids love these stupid ornaments that are just balls covered with string in different colors so we always put them on the lower branches. Our good breakable ornaments are put on the top branches. Each year we put plain water in the tree holder (since it suddenly becomes their water dish for a few weeks) and then cover it with the tree skirt. The tree skirt is a picture of Tigger – we have a Pooh theme since as you know our oldest daughter’s name is Tigger.

     The kids love to help us decorate the tree by following that long strand of garland or those lovely little strands of lights.

     We also have a Winne the Pooh skating pond with figurines that skate on it, in time with the music, that mystifies the kids. That is until one of them (usually Tigger) knocks at least one of the Pooh skaters off the rink.

     Each evening when we go to bed, all the balls are on the branches, and the tree skirt is spread out lovely covering the tree holder filled with water. Then sometime during the night an alien attacks the tree and knocks most of the balls off, totally tortures the Tigger tree skirt, and causes water to jump out of the holder. Of course my 3 angels were asleep at the time. Yeah right — Mommy and Daddy know everything just like Santa does!!!

     We also get them presents. Usually one large present, i.e. a new oversized automatic litter box or a brand new carpet covered hutch or jungle gym type thing. If it’s in a box we wrap it. Then they also get some little presents – each year a new little stuffed animal filled with fresh cat nip. Some new shiny wands with feathers, little balls that they can roll and play with. We replace whatever they have destroyed during the year. Each kid has a stocking that we hang from the fireplace and fill with toys. Their grandparents also sometimes buy them presents which are wrapped. We might start the unwrapping with a corner but the kids pretty much take over after that.

     We can’t put wrapped presents under the tree until Christmas eve because those pesky aliens have unwrapped some secrets in the past.

     Our two youngest Calie (11) and Riley (8) are usually found sleeping under the tree on the skirt at least a few times each week we have the tree. NOT TOGETHER of course. Those two are so much like human siblings with their bickering and fighting.

     We also get them each their favorite flavors of food (wet stuff) for Christmas dinner so they can enjoy it whilie we have our Quorn vegetarian roast.

     And Grandpa McConville always sends them some fresh dried catnip. God the box smells so much they almost attack the mailman. Grandpa loves them enough to actually grow the catnip in his garden each year and then dries it out all fall until Christmas.

     Our cutest Christmas memory was when Calie was a kitten 10 mos at the time and she climbed up the tree and hid in between the branches and fell asleep up there. We frantically searched the house (they are all indoor cats) and FINALLY we found her. I grabbed a camera and we took a picture of it. She was so little and adorable.

     Now she weighs about 14 lbs and doesn’t even attempt to climb the tree. Exercise is for wimps except for racing to her food bowl then she has to be the first. Tigger however, our agile one, will jump from the nearest window and try to land on a branch — which usually doesn’t work too well.

     You know people ask me sometimes if I ever regret not having children. First of all, HELLO I HAVE 3. Secondly, no I don’t. Our three babies are the most precious little people. I couldn’t have asked for a better family. Although Riley is starting to ask for a baby brother to help try to balance the female domination.

     Well that is all for now. I hope you all had a happy holiday. Any animal lovers who wish to share their holiday traditions, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment.

     Till next year – hug an animal, because you can’t be sad when you hug an animal. You just can’t. Try it.



  1. I have 2 four-legged children and, I too, call them my children because THEY ARE! An aunt once told me never to trust anyone who doesn’t love animals and it is very true. Our rescues are so grateful and give us so much love every minute of every day. They love getting our hugs as much as we love giving them.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ilene and for visiting my site.

    You know on any type of form, like from a doctor’s office or wherever, there is always a question asking ‘how many kids do you have?’ I used to answer ‘0 but I have 3 cats’. Now I answer 3 because I do have 3 kids. I’m very proud of our unconventional family.

    Over the 12 yrs that we’ve had the kids, my husband and I have both noticed how ‘unique’ they are. We talk to them and they talk back (of course in cat language) but they do communicate. Supposedly cats can understand a vocabulary of about 20 words and ours certainly do.

    And the hugs, when one of my little angels falls asleep in my arms I can’t help but to smile. The greatest thing though is when they sleep with us. Tigger the eldest likes to sleep next to my pillow on the side of the waterbed; Calie likes to sleep next to Kevin’s pillow on the other side of the waterbed; and Riley is content to make room for himself between Kevin and me. When I see the five of us all sleeping together it melts my heart. I could never imagine being happy to have 3 bi-peds (human children) in bed with us like that. When we are all together like that I fall asleep with a smile on my face. 🙂

    Only true animal lovers can understand why I call them my children.

    I have a bunch of quotes from famous people about animals and how humans interact with them. I think that will be the subject of my next post — so stay tuned!!

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