Posted by: animalvoice | September 22, 2009


Mommy and Calie when both are happy


A loving moment between Mommy and Calie

   The day we met Calie she was only 7 weeks old. Her birthday is February 14th so she’s our little valentine. She was the smallest little angel I had ever seen. Of course Kevin and I couldn’t wait to hold her. He held her first and then handed her off to me as she meowed. I snuggled her against my chest and I remember I was wearing a dungaree jacket. She got so content that she actually fell asleep on my chest like that. I had to wake her up to put her back in her cage. Since she was only 7 weeks we couldn’t take her home until she was 8 weeks. One of the hardest things I’ve had to do as a mother was leave her there. I so wanted to scoop her up and take her home. So the following week we brought our carrier and took our ‘Calie’ home. I had decided on the name because she was a ‘calico’ with white, brown and black markings. We were told she was a ‘domestic longhair’ but we’ve since found out that she might not be a purebred but she is a Norwegian Forest Cat (very similar to a Maine Coon).

    The first thing she did in the car (safely in her carrier since we had learned from Tigger) was she’d cry when the car was moving. When Kevin stopped at an intersection or red light Calie would stop crying. As soon as he’d start up again she’d cry. We never did figure out what was wrong with her because now she rides in the car and doesn’t complain.

     When we introduced her to Tigger (who was just a few days away from turning one) they immediately hated each other. I mean hiss at each other, let me at her HATE. Here is this tiny kitten the size of a mouse and a pretty full grown 1 yr old. That weekend was the longest two days of our lives. I thought sure they’d kill each other or us. Somehow, we made it through and they got used to each other. Since they are only a year apart, Tigger decided that her baby sister was her baby. To this day, Tigger will sometimes lie next to Calie and lick her like a mommy would. It’s funny because when Calie decides she has had enough she’ll try to get up and move away. Tigger will literally put a paw on Calie’s head and hold her there until she is done. Sometimes Calie will go over and plop against Tigger just wanting to sleep together. Of course now Tigger weighs about 8 lbs and Calie weighs about 15 lbs. so Tigger isn’t always happy to see her.

    Our first mistake with Calie was feeding her. Since Tigger was threatening to murder her we took her into the bathroom, closed the door and gave her a can of wet food. I had chosen wet stuff  because of her ‘little itty bitty teeth’. Well it soon became obvious to us that she had never had wet stuff before. For the past 7 weeks she had been on ‘kitten’ dry stuff. She inhaled the wet stuff. I mean like a little vacuum cleaner. It didn’t last more than a couple of minutes in her bowl and then it was gone. And we were gone. Calie has loved food, especially wet stuff since that day. These days she’ll nibble on her dry food breakfast, but she lives for her wet stuff supper.  

     Our first night with Calie (learning from Tigger) we kept her in the bedroom with us. Of course since Tigger was still threatening her life, we kept her in the carrier by the side of the bed on the floor. While Kevin can sleep through an earthquake, I’m a light sleeper. So I was the one who got up with her when she cried a number of times that night. One incident involved her having diarrhea in her carrier. Now look at her colorings — her tummy and butt are white, pure white. They weren’t white that night. Picture the scene from three men and a baby where Tom Selleck is holding the baby without a diaper and doesn’t know what to do with her. That was me. Kevin was snoring and Calie was covered in poop. I ended up having to clean her in the bathroom sink and throw out the little blanket she had in the carrier. Kevin’s first words in the morning were ‘why didn’t you wake me?’ Well it was kinda hard to do anything with a dripping, squerming, poop covered kitten.

     Calie started out as a very friendly cat. She would let anybody hold her and she loved her grandparents and visitors. She was very interested in the guy who put in our heating/cooling sytem in our apartment. He showed her his tape measure and how it could slide in and out and she was over the hills in love with him. I think she was actually sad the day the guy finished.


     The only serious mistake we made with Calie happened when she was around 1. She had not been feeling well for a couple of days, was lethargic and didn’t want to eat. That wasn’t Calie. We knew something was wrong with her so we took her to the vet. At this point, every time she had been to the vet it had been for shots so she was at the point where she still liked the vet. The vet said he thought she had some type of stomach bug and was a little dehydrated. He said she needed to stay overnight and have an IV. We took it hard because neither Tigger nor Calie had ever stayed at the vets. Well we left her there against our better judgment and went home to sulk for the night. The next morning we went and picked her up. She seemed more herself and was rehydrated. Although we can’t prove it and she can’t tell us, something happened to her that night at the vets. I don’t know if she thought we had left her and weren’t coming back for her. Or maybe she was scared of the other animals since she was used to just Tigger. Or maybe one of the techs mistreated or hurt her. But something definitely happened.

    Our sweet, loveable, friendly cat turned from an extrovert into an introvert overnight, literally. To this day she hates company, hides when family and friends come over. If someone even just talks to her she swats at them and hisses. When she goes to the vets (a different one) she hisses and causes such a fit that we only take her when it is absolutely necessary. It is just too traumatic for her. Our vet is good natured and laughs when she hisses at him. He tells her he isn’t afraid of her. Of course his tech usually looks like their going to pee their pants as they hold her down with oven mitts. One time she actually spit at the vet.

   So now Calie has become our special needs cat, while Tigger is open and friendly. It’s like they’ve switched personalities or something. When company comes over even family we have to warn them to NOT  TOUCH Calie or they risk their hands.

   Even with us, if you walk too close to her she’ll swat at your leg and hiss. Almost as if she’s afraid you’ll step on her. Maybe that was what happened at the vet, who knows. She also is very good at letting us know when she’s done with hugs and petting by pouncing on our arm, hissing and sometimes even drawing blood. Another thing she does that I’ve noticed is that if you reach towards her and move too fast she pounces. If you put her hand to her and let her smell it and see that you’re not going to hurt her, then she relents and lets you pet her or whatever. So there is something about fast movement as well.

   But because we’re used to her, we just protect her from strangers, go easy and gentle with her and love her no matter what.

    There are some really good things about Calie as well. She’s the funniest cat ever when she wants to be. She’ll sleep in the weirdest positions, in the weirdest places. Currently her favorite place to sleep is a paint tray. Other places are empty 30 pack of beer boxes, an other box. She’s convinced that the couch is hers. God forbid Kevin and I want to sit next to each other on the couch. That is not allowed when Calie is around. She also farts. Usually when she’s sound asleep on the couch between us, lying on her back with all 4 paws up in the air, she silently farts. You are just sitting there doing whatever and then suddenly you smell it and you’re like oh my God what did you eat? God she smells, I almost want to run for th eair freshner.

    And then there is the way she gets along with her little brother Riley — but that’s the subject of another post.


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